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Present Tense Storytelling eBook Series is Launched!


We’ve published our first “self-help” ebook on storytelling skills

Present Tense LLC is launching a series of ebooks aimed at executives, managers, and others who would like straightforward, simple ways to improve their storytelling skills. The first one has finally hit the ebook shelves: 10/10: How to write business content that is memorable and effective.

Now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes and other major platforms, this quick read will help you generate new ideas or revamp existing projects, using little more than a pen, the back of a napkin, and 30 minutes of your time.

How it works

10/10 is the initial step we take with our clients, and now it is one you can take for all of your projects and ideas. The concept is easy: take your idea and break it down into what people should know about it, then capture that essence in keywords and short sentences. What should they think when your idea comes to mind? What words should accompany your product, project, or service and make your message memorable? What story are really you trying to tell?

As with all new skills, this method takes trust and practice: you might need a few iterations at first until you are satisfied with your word list or the flow of your sentences. You might need more than one napkin to get through the first try. But as you refine your technique, you also refine your ideas. Ultimately you’ll be able to start telling your stories not only faster, but more effectively and memorably.

We are eager to find out how you use this new method. We look forward to helping take you beyond its initial application. More than anything, we are excited to help get you started on the path to becoming a better storyteller.

What ebooks will we publish next?

We call our ebooks “singles” because we thought that launching a whole “album” at once would take too long and be a bit overwhelming. Each single will take you about 30 minutes to read and costs $1.99, a small price to pay for techniques which will pay big dividends for you.

Our next two singles are due out in the first half of 2015. Like 10/10, they are based on techniques and approaches we apply ourselves every day at Present Tense LLC:

  • Presentation Skills: This short ebook will focus on storytelling, not on how to walk through a slide deck. You may find that you don’t even need slides at all to inform, help, or persuade your audience

  • Collaborative writing: No one should write alone. This ebook shows you the benefits of writing as a team, whether you are helping others with their ideas and stories or working with others to improve your own

Links not working? Search on your favorite ebook listing for Elana Duffy or Frank Luby, the co-authors.

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