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Books: Your whole story, start to finsh

We want to help you share your ideas. To do so, we offer a range of professional services to authors - or soon-to-be authors - for a wide range of non-fiction topics. Whether you are an industry executive, a consultant, an academic, or someone who wants to share life experience, we can help you make the journey from having the spark of idea to holding your book in your hands.

Step 1: Structure and Planning

Crafting a great business story is about persuasion with a plan. A great story needs a careful plan the same way an awe-inspiring building needs a detailed blueprint. Our approach helps you find the right keywords, organize and consolidate your content, create the right flow, and develop a “mini” version of the book you want to write.


What we deliver: A detailed book structure which serves as the basis for the full-length manuscript and for the prospectus to help sell the book to publishers.

Step 2: Manuscript Preparation

Our writing teams can help you draft all or part of your manuscript. Yes, this is ghostwriting, but it is where we have a huge comparative advantage. You have great ideas which people need to hear, but you lack either the time, desire, or in some cases the skill to write a full-length book. It makes sense for you to outsource that work.

What we deliver: A full-length manuscript which could be a draft or a publisher-ready manuscript

Step 3: Marketing

Publishers can assist with marketing, but the success of any book depends on the effort the authors put into marketing and selling. Will you write a blog? Hold speeches? Distribute the book in the course of your work? We can help you plan your marketing activities and execute them.

What we deliver: Ideas and content, and access to our network of marketing and public relations partners, to help make your book a success

Our Work: Books and Beyond
Publishing, Sales and Marketing: From our clients
Creating e-books and more

Confessions of The Pricing Man, by Hermann Simon (Springer: 2015)


This book has been a #1 bestseller in its category on Amazon. Author Hermann Simon said this about his collaboration with Present Tense LLC:

“For the adaptation of the original German text into English, I would like to thank Frank Luby and Elana Duffy of Present Tense, LLC. They not only translated and edited the text, but also contributed fresh research, encouraged me to add more anecdotes and “confessions”, and challenged me on how to adapt the flow to make the book more appealing to an English-language audience.”

Blues Flashbacks: The Legends In Their Own Words, by Frank Luby (Present Tense, 2016)

This ebook by our CEO and co-founder Frank Luby features stories about all-time great blues musicians from B.B. King to Stevie Ray Vaughan to Willie Dixon. Featuring a spectacular layout from Jolby & Friends (Portland, OR) and vintage photography from label archives and from blues specialist Dick Waterman, this book is our small contribution to keep the blues alive.

You can also watch a short film on the book and the roots of Chicago Blues, produced by Octane Rich Media

Editing and More: From our clients

TAP: Unlocking the Mobile Economy, by Anindya Ghose (MIT Press: 2017)

An immediate bestseller in several categories on Amazon, the author thanked the team at Present Tense LLC:

“I am thankful to ... Frank Luby and Elana Duffy of Present Tense for editorial support and feedback.”

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