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Frank Luby - CEO, Primary


Writing and teaching: those are the common threads in Frank’s career. Since getting a physics degree from UChicago at age 20, he has worked as news editor, blues music critic, author, ghostwriter, and free-lance editor. He also spent over 15 years as a pricing consultant, advising and training managers and executives onsite in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.


Today, if he is not busy at his desk writing, odds are you will find him volunteering, exploring a city, cruising old highways, or watching a baseball game.

A Network Team

Present Tense believes that a custom idea deserves custom treatment. The trouble with custom is most "big box" firms need to keep a large staff to suit every need, which costs more in the long run. We solved this problem with a network. We coordinate, price, and negotiate the best deal among our partners and you get an original story for a fraction of the cost.

Our network of small businesses, individual experts, and certified professionals ensures your story is told. Check out a few of our key partners and let us plan your next project.

Operations and Tech

Accounting Expertise


Creative Production

Individual Contributors

We maintain relationships with experts and writers from different topics, areas, and interests. Having cultivated these partnerships since our formation in 2014, we are able to find the perfect match for telling your story in your voice.

Just because we have partners does not mean we aren't always looking for more experts. If you would like to become a contributor with Present Tense, please reach out via our Contact Page.

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