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Training: How to tell your - or any - story

We love to share what we know. We are experts in not only telling stories, but in using a company's story to its best advantage. Do you have a team that would benefit from learning how to tell a business story in a more powerful and more economical way? Are you comfortable with writing but would like to become more productive? Engage your team in training.

Option 1: External Training (We do it all)
Option 2: Internal Training (We design, you train)

Present Tense LLC’s team members have years of experience in helping people not only write better, but express themselves better in other communications formats. We can help you become a more confident presenter, speak more eloquently on television or radio, or get a better read on a negotiating partner.

What we deliver: We offer half-day, full-day, or multi-day options for various communication training programs. We use our training materials to work with your team on general communication skills or on specific challenges you identify. This can be in an audience, small groups, and even one-on-one breakout sessions ahead of a big event. 

There are many occasions where you identified a need to improve or design training for specific company use. Perhaps it needs a refreshing look at existing training, or maybe a sales team could use a new deck on negotiation options. Whatever it is, we and our partners are here to help. We can provide you with a training plan, materials, even audio-visual aids for whatever you need your team to know.

What we deliver: We develop training materials for your own internal use. These can focus on communication skills or on any internal program which could benefit from cleaner, more compelling communication. 

Our Work: Training Success
External Training: Negotiations
Internal Training: Acceleration

Rapid growth means your senior team hardly ever has enough time to step back and put some structures and programs into place. When a small consulting firm’s revenue grew far faster than planned, it needed to add professionals quickly and get them up to speed as fast as possible. The firm turned to Present Tense to develop a series of onboarding programs which helped highlight key concepts, create a common language, and make new team members conversant in the firm’s tools, history, and best practices.

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