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Web Content: Creation, Publication, and More

The Internet is vast, and attention spans wane without quality content. We help individual writers companies get noticed all over the web. We work hard to capture and express your insights and messages in blogs, brochures, short ebooks, and white papers, as well as in articles and op-eds which appear in major business publications such as Harvard Business Review and Forbes. 

In short: we take complex, sophisticated ideas and distill them into easy-to-read short content pieces which help you support your customers, establish your reputation and expertise, and build your business.

Step 1: Finding your themes

We use a proven approach called 10/10, captured in our short e-book and talked through with your team. We work with you to help structure your ideas and identify keywords to capture themes in your messaging.


We use that as the basis for what we call your “master story” which we, and you, can not only use to create content for the web but for even more of your company messaging. We work with you to plan and structure a content program that brings your story to life

Step 2: Connecting your content

Then we match the content to the skills and experience of our writing team, which includes writers who have been published or cited in The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Billboard, Inc., CNN, National Public Radio, CBS Sunday Morning, Al Jazeera, and even shows such as The Nightly Show.

We help people create and publish content that does justice to the value they offer. Our team will not only write the content for you, based on your input and ideas. We will also help you find the best outlet for this content in blogs, web copy, articles, and other marketing materials.

Our Work: Beyond the blog (but that, too)
5:00 Films: Not just a blog, a production
Our Anonymity: We are in the shadows

Our content is as unique as our clients, and we work hard to make sure your needs are met no matter what they are.

This was the case when 5:00 Films asked about a contributing script writer for RobonationTV. They needed concise, energetic, verified copy ahead of filming for a webseries about robotics. The 6-part series was produced by 5:00 Films and Media for the AUVSI Foundation and their partners, including Northrop Grumman (episode 1 airdate: 10 April 2015). We linked them with one of our experienced screenwriters, and worked closely with the senior producers to generate host scripts.

Much of our work in this area is anonymous, but we can say that we create web content for major management consulting firms, boutique consultants, professional service businesses, academics, and technology companies. Again, the common denominator is that all of those companies need to turn complex ideas into simple content. We have clients for regular blogs, contributed articles, and much more. And through our partners we can also help you create music, visual graphics, and connect your words with publications. All while you and your company benefit.

Sometimes those shorter content pieces evolve into something larger. Let’s say you have just completed a very successful global training program for a Fortune 500 company. But your client wants more. They want you to turn those Powerpoint slides and handouts into a traditional full-length book, with a cohesive narrative form, that they could distribute for internal use only When a global consulting team faced this challenge, a Present Tense LLC editor helped plot the story and create the chapter structure, then drafted a 40,000-word manuscript.

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