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Step 2: Your Brand, Rediscovered
Step 1: Information Gathering

Your brand is your projection into the world. Our team can help you generate the ideas you need for creating or repositioning a brand, then combine that with a fresh look at your story.

Branding: Your company, your story

We want to capture who you are, where you want to go, and how you are planning to get there. We do this through a variety of ways on your schedule, from examining your current brand to surveys to talking to your key influencers. Your core team is involved every step of the way.

What we deliver: A detailed deck of anonymized information from what we discovered, and options for where it can take your brand and your company.

There are many different ways you can use the information gathered. We help you find the message and then tell stories in the most compact way possible: brand names, slogans, and value messaging.


Perhaps you want to refine your message, now that you have a track record and some good customer feedback. Or maybe you want to take your company in a different direction to take full advantage of the value you deliver. No matter what it is, we will help you define the best way to share your message.

Our Work: Finding the New Message

Navistone, formerly branded as Cohereone before our interactions, had this to say about its collaboration with Present Tense LLC:

“Present Tense LLC gave us the ideas and content we needed to rebrand and reposition our business from CohereOne to NaviStone®. Elana Duffy, Paul Mooney, and Frank Luby invested the time to understand our team and our business, brought both creative thinking and great tenacity to the work, and came up with compelling changes that we have implemented successfully and expanded upon."

Navistone: The company in a name
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