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Present Tense LLC is Live, But What Does That Mean For You?

The world is full of great ideas and great stories no one knows about. A few of them are probably in your head right now. Our mission at Present Tense LLC is to get those ideas and stories out of your head and into something your customers, fans, or friends will want to read. The goal is to get those ideas out now, not when you “find the time”, because that will never happen. We are a team of multi-taskers, and we know you are, too. Between managing your people, developing your product or service, and building your brand, you have enough to worry about already. We want to take things off your plate so you can still work to live instead of live to work.

How do we do that? We help you set the right goals, pick the right words, and find the right structure for your story. A great story needs a careful plan the same way an awe-inspiring building needs a blueprint. But we aren’t your 10th grade English teacher. This is not about making an outline, using $10 words, and constantly worrying about commas. It is about persuasion with a plan. It's about finding your story, weaving a tale for your customers that is so memorable that they will connect to you and your company, increasing staff knowledge while extending their motivation and dedication, and having the right tools to continue moving forward. We aren't a marketing firm, we aren't generic business consultants, we are storytellers.

And with whom will you work? The Present Tense team has the right experience and creative skills: writing, editing, and communication. But we also bring a strong, personal passion to storytelling. We have lived in or traveled to over 30 countries. We volunteer after natural disasters. We are members of communities and developers of ideas. We understand that life is about living and having stories to tell, and the broader the horizons of the storyteller, the broader the reach of the story.

Great things happen when people read what you have to say. Sometimes just the fact that you wrote it makes a difference. Professional storytelling doesn’t only help you “sell”. It makes a lasting connection. It can build credibility and respect. It can foster more empathy.

So what’s your story? Let’s start talking. We can get started with what you have, whether it is a two-word phrase, a stream of consciousness email, or a 60-page patchwork quilt in Powerpoint. We will figure it out together with you from there.

Welcome to Present Tense LLC. What's your story?

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