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Why Outsourcing Blog Posts is the Best Decision Your Company Can Make

When I was a high school teacher, there were never enough hours or minutes in a day, much less week, month, or year to get everything done. Ask any teacher: the line between work and home blurs often, leading to tired, overworked professionals. More and more “asks” are coming from all different directions and although they are “musts”, they invade the much needed and much desired goal of making a difference in students’ lives.

With many teachers frequently asked to do seemingly meaningless, mundane tasks on top of their required teaching and planning schedules, there are even fewer hours in which to do it all. Can you imagine if the principal now asked you to write a blog post about education?

Blogging is often an afterthought. Today, the public expects it, yet nowhere in the budget line or employee description does the task exist. And they are not the only ones. Rarely do dentists, architects, or designers open a practice with the desire to write their own blog posts. But with social media and internet relations being what they are, people are looking for that ‘EXTRA’ from a company or even a medical professional. Blogs have crept into the fabric of all things internet and those without regular posts often lose prospective clients.

When the extra role of blogging is handed to an already overworked employee, it’s no wonder that it is hard to get consistent, high quality content on a regular basis, the kind of content that can set you apart from your competitors. If it’s seen as an “afterthought” by the company, how is the employee supposed to see it any differently?

Engaging with a ghostwriting, content creation specialist can be beneficial for all involved. If a school district could instead outsource some of the mundane tasks now pushed onto teachers, everyone involved becomes the better for it. Teachers can return to doing what they love –while the much-needed content creation continues at an even faster speed and at a higher level of quality.

Outsourcing blog posting is a win-win situation. The company gains an extra “employee” in the form of the outsourced provider. This new staffer researches your company’s goals, strengths, and needs. He or she learns as much as possible about a client in order to put its best foot forward into the public eye. Your posts are on time, the content is direct and enthusiastic, and the burden is lifted from you and your team. With this newfound addition of time, the overall business can flourish. Employees who once had the added responsibility of blogging can now return to their original job and continue with greater energy and focus. The company’s internet rating will increase as the outsourcing organization is highly familiar with content specific terms necessary to drive traffic to the business. The employer can return to the act of building and continuing to strengthen the business, knowing that the content will continue to be top notch.

Let us tell your story so you can get back to business.

Stacey Ebert is a former educator and event planner. She is currently making her way around the world as a travel blogger and freelance writer, with articles in Rolf Potts Vagabonding and Wandering Educator and published in American Camping Association Camping, tourism sites, Elephant Journal and more. Follow Stacey's adventures on The Gift of Travel.

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