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What makes a great marketing one-pager?

Growing up, one-pager marketing arrived in the mail. In newspapers and brochures you could find advertisements, information, and details about local and regional businesses offering services for those seeking suggestions for a copy-editor, a plumber, an interior designer, or a babysitter.

Today, all of that communication is done in the digital sphere. There are services to suggest your next great handy-person, reviews that tell you if a restaurant was superb (or otherwise), and emails by the thousands of marketing madness arrive in your inbox at the speed of light. The concept is the same, but it becomes harder to make your one-pager stand out.

Your one-pager can elevate your business. Digital or otherwise - this is where you share your offerings, advertise your services, show those testimonials, and offer up your details to show the world all the awesomeness your company provides. Does your one-pager leave an impression? Let’s get to work.

What is a one-pager?

This one-page document providing an insightful, focused overview of your products and services can be a game changer for your business. This marketing medium is a spot to create a snapshot of your business, include significant highlights, and showcase your brand all in one space. Imagine you’re meeting a stranger who might be an interested new client: this is your chance to shine. Be clear and concise, target your audience and be sure to make every word count.

Most probably you’ll have multiple one-pagers for multiple purposes - but all aim to promote your business, services, or products. You’re advertising your offerings, sharing testimonials from clients, and utilizing persuasive copy to capture the attention of future clients. You will Bring it to professional events, share it with partners and potential new clients, add it to your emails, and make it a shareable PDF on your website. Create, update, and share - it’s bound to capture broad attention.

What you want in that trusted one-pager

You’ve created your elevator pitch, your mission statement, and your vision - here’s the space to put it all together. Depending on the purpose and format of your one-pager, consider including web links, testimonials, maps, discount codes, and accolades. Look to showcase your core offerings, include a brief timeline of your product/service/business, and share solutions to pesky problems that might arise.

Be sure to include the following: a catchy tagline, declarative and engaging content, key data points, and a decisive call to action. With clear communication, unique information, and shared available resources, your compelling one-pager can make a positive impact on your bottom line.

What makes your one-pager great

Like your business, successful one-pagers are engaging, unique, and full of purpose. Entice clients with your backstory and your innate ability to connect with a broader audience. An outstanding marketing document seeks to motivate, engage, inspire, and differentiate your brand from the sea of others. Be specific in your call to action so readers know exactly what you want them to do with the information provided. Become your own audience to answer questions like ‘why would I want to read this’ and ‘why would I want to employ this business or utilize this product/service.' Authenticity, uniqueness, and personality add to your well-designed, successful document. And of course keep the language simple and concise: it still has to fit on one page.

You’ve got your company - now you need a promotional piece of marketing media to share with the world in a clear, concise, and strategic manner. So get your ducks in a row, bring that persuasive attitude, and put your best foot forward in that quintessential one-pager. Now, get to work.

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