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Three Reasons Why Updating Your Web Content Now Will Help You Grow

Updated: May 7, 2019

The Internet is far more than another mode of communication. It has changed business and our way of life.

Your website is your launch pad, your calling card, and the way in which you walk into a global room and say, ‘here I am’! Decades ago shopping took place in brick and mortar stores, phones were attached to the wall with the sole purpose of talking to one another and you found your dentist’s office because a friend went and told you they were good. But in 2019 we shop online, phones are with us all the time and used for connecting but rarely talking, and you might choose your dentist because of reviews strangers posted in an online forum.

Your website is your flyer, your ad, your marketing tool, your shop, your waiting room papers, your supermarket advertisement and your phone directory all in one. Today, people search online for everything and if your presence isn’t relevant – or worse, isn’t there – you lost the business. Your Internet presence must be relevant, active, visually pleasing, user friendly, mobile ready, and have the ability to keep the reader’s eyes on it for longer than the attention span of the metaphorical gnat.

It’s a lot of work, but that’s business today. Your content (which consists of everything the reader sees upon arrival) is your megaphone – use it. A blog that went up years ago and has remained untouched serves no purpose anymore. To get people’s attention, you MUST stay current.

Increase user staying power

Today, it’s not enough to show up online; the Internet is full of competition. You need to be found at the top of the first search engine page, and to do that your theme and design needs to be current with the times. You only get one chance to make that first impression and in today’s digital world, the first time a reader lands on your webpage it must catch their attention, have updated services and offerings, be current, load quickly, and be easy to navigate or you’ve already lost your shot. Giving your web content continual reboots will ensure that they get there, they stay there, and they continue to return.

This is a time when ‘more traffic’ is truly a good thing

Keeping your content fresh optimizes your keywords and phrases for the best SEO benefits. In the world of search engine optimization and statistics-based data, newer content is rewarded while old content does less to elevate your traffic game. With updates come conversions and with conversions come clients and profit. Newer, fresher content can garner the views of the ‘right clients.’ In a time where Internet marketing is a key facet among a growing sect of clients, an older site may not be correctly optimized for SEO which already puts that site at a disadvantage. Remember, today there are multiple views happening at lightening speed. Consider your audience, consider their most likely mode of viewing, and be sure to up the ante on your innovative insights and contemporary content.

Elevate your brand on the digital map

In the old days a billboard in Times Square would be the most effective and efficient way to get millions of eyes on your brand at one time. Now your digital footprint is that billboard and your web content is your message. A website helps to establish your brand’s personality across a wider audience. Modernizing content not only shows relevance and confidence in your industry, but also boosts domain authority in the web universe. This updated content and presence helps to reflect your current business and marketing strategy while also allowing your website to keep up with trending times. Consider your website from a reader’s perspective - if you came across this site in your searches would you trust it, would you read it, would you purchase its products?

Keep your website updated and your digital presence will continue to make a positive and profitable mark on your greater consumer audience.

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