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Prioritizing your Marketing Media Part 1 - Blogs vs Social

This blog is part of a short series on choosing which marketing media is best for your business. How do you put out content, both in times of crisis and on a regular basis? This series looks at the differences between various methods of media communications and deciding when to use which option to best harnesses different attributes and needs.

Technically, many blog mediums are considered a part of "social" media: they are designed to create shorter term content that interacts with your audience and provokes a reaction. But should you write and archive a blog post, or should you start a campaign on a social platform like Facebook, integrated with Instagram and Twitter, or even just make a short video for TikTok? That depends on your goals.

What’s the difference between blogging and social media marketing?

The Internet is awesome. It connects scientists and researchers, allows us to get food delivered to our doorsteps, and connects individuals who are geographically worlds away. In the business sense, it helps with productivity, messaging, and future business success. But the options just in the connectivity and social spheres vary: in the simplest definitions, blogs assist with the future and longevity of your business, while social media is used more to bolster today’s marketing campaigns. Blogs can house evergreen content while that on social media is present for a time and using the ‘live’ feeds means even a shorter period of time. Your blog is based on what you choose to place there, the format you choose to utilize and in a space that is reserved for you while social media platforms run on their own algorithms and can shift at any time. Integrating both forms of sharing your message showcases your personality and ability to provide long form information, plus markets, engages, and shares your story with a wider audience.

What are the benefits of blogging?

Why blog in the first place? Your blog is your own: it lives in a space where you share what you wish in the format you prefer. You can do more with a blog, including creating new and timely posts, sharing long-form studies or emotional stories, or even share videos and testimonials to engage with readers. Evergreen content provides readers with opportunities to learn at any time and often those blog readers have a longer attention span to remain on your page. This is the space where you decide what goes, what leaves, what stays, and where you can streamline all of your social channels. Blogging helps you develop your own voice, become a resource for your community and share your company or personal stories. This is where people will return to to continue to find information about your business, your products and your offerings.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

When blogging first began, social media wasn’t a thing. Quickly growing to be the form of messaging, sharing, and posting that heaps of humans utilize today, social media provides access to a large audience with the quick swipe of a finger. With the advantages of capitalizing on building relationships, brand visibility, and the chance to vie for that organic flow of engagement, social media platforms are a necessary source for marketing teams worldwide. Companies often use social media sites to engage with their audience, share short tips that lead back to longer blog posts, and share interactions like photos, testimonials, and even GIFs or memes that relate to the company to bring a giggle to the face of readers. Just keep in mind: while there are a wide range of benefits to utilizing both the major and niche social platforms, it is necessary to remember that these platforms are controlled by algorithms formatted by the social platform company and can be shifted at any time. When getting started, it may help to consult an expert to maximize your reach.

How to choose the best one for you

Like in so many things in life, the options on the Internet are plentiful. Don’t overwhelm yourself or your small business. If you can blog, do it. If you can market wisely on social channels, do it. If you can integrate the two, that’s the best of both worlds. Your online presence is a combination of whatever web footprint you have: in other words, social networks work really well in tandem with your ongoing blog. Re-purpose content and build a powerful presence to continue organically engaging with your audience. When all of your content and marketing work together, your brand flourishes.

Catch you next time when we check out why a business would utilize the messaging powers of white papers or those of traditional reports. Till then, stay safe, friends - you matter. See you soon.

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