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Present Tense Recommends: Business Blogs to Bolster your Brilliance

At Present Tense we aim to make life a little less hectic, a little more manageable, and help you find peace a bit more easily. In our blog series, Present Tense Recommends, we’ve shared trending podcasts, innovative business apps, and significant influencers who can help you boost your business.

Why Blogs?

‘Blogs are becoming the modern-day go-to for information and insight into various owners are moving away from printed material and relying on online sources to guide and help them.’

Blogs work in a myriad of ways. They engage readers, provide insight, share information, and emphasize networking opportunities. In the world of tech or another specialty, consider blogs your route to distributing all sorts of relevant business information. An entrepreneur, you can further use the reach of blogs to generate leads. Blogs have become an essential part of an overall business marketing strategy. Blogs are an opportunity for the writer, the reader, and the company to learn, grow, and engage. From the business perspective, blogs act as an ‘inbound marketing tactic that can help any business increase its online visibility’. Your blog is where you shine - this is where you share your story, build authority, engage community, and show off that industry know-how.

What Do They Have to Offer?

Blogs have benefits - it's up to us to tap into them. These ‘powerful online marketing tool(s)’ boost your web rankings while providing resources to readers along the way. Whether readers stumble upon your blog or purposefully click their way there, they are seeking something in their travels. Perhaps you offer a chance to learn something they didn’t know before arriving. Perhaps you offer instructions, guidance, video tutorials, or detailed data to back up a study. Perhaps a reader has landed on your page hoping to be entertained - can you make them smile?

With in person meetings, we build trust through listening, understanding, compassion, conversation, and remaining present. In the online world of coding and web-based everything, we rarely meet the voices behind the screen. Blogs help new readers, industry insiders, business leaders, and all sorts of humans to find that trust. When they return to your space again and again to be met with pertinent guidance, it’s possible that they’ll look to engage with your business at a higher level. Not only have you hooked a fan, a reader, a sharer - but you may just have gotten yourself a new client.

Which Will You Choose to Influence You?

The world of online content creation is booming. You could spend the full 24 hours each day scrolling through insight, information, or cuddly puppy videos. The Internet is loaded with details and data and we're all looking for that needle in the ever-growing haystack. There's something out there for each of us - here, we've put together 14 that float to the top.

Duct Tape Marketing

From Kansas City, Missouri, John Jantsch has ‘been called the World’s Most Practical Small Business Expert’. Known as an icon in the industry, his marketing strategies top the blogosphere world. Between branding and business, marketing and media, topics and tips, and problem solving galore - Duct Tape Marketing is at the top of its game. His motto is that ‘small business marketing must be simple, affordable, always-at-the-ready, and effective at solving any host of problems’. His crafted connections and client focused coaching provides often free advice for businesses and people alike. His advice is paramount to the push forward for most people.

Small Passive Income

Run by Pat Flynn, this San Diego, California based blog provides readers a resource for managing and running that online business and leveling it up to be a successful passive revenue stream.

Chris Ducker

Joining the list from the United Kingdom, Chris Ducker offers readers business strategies for the 21st century. This ‘personal brand entrepreneur, blogger, and best selling author’ shares advice, information, tools, strategies, and more to set yourself up, run and grow your business, and parachute to success.

Copy Blogger

With a podcast and constantly updated blog, the team at CopyBlogger gets it done. Brian promotes the skills of ‘content marketing strategy and copywriting’ and suggests that those are two skills necessary for online business building success.

Small Business Trends

In 2003, this Floridian based business showed up to become ‘an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the people who interact with them’. This hugely popular spot on the Internet has heaps of insights from experts along with tons of trends, tips, and resources that a business owner may need. Melding current events with varied advice ranging from financial to tech, Small Business Trends incorporates reviews and opinions with cold hard statistics and data. Anita Campbell is the Founder and CEO of Small Business Trends and alongside the suggestions, advice, and opinions of many other contributing experts, this site lends itself to truly assisting businesses on their journey to success.

Small Business Bonfire

Hailing from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Small Business Bonfire offers a community to entrepreneurs to tap into and gain assistance with their needs. With their ‘business tools, advice, and free resources’, this community encompasses all sorts of businesses and the people behind the companies.

Noobpreneur Blog

Offering a different spin, this ‘award-winning small business online magazine’ shares all things business tip related for aspiring and present day entrepreneurs. Their mission statement shares how they enter the blogging space in an effort to help ‘small business owners grow their business by tapping into the small business trends and industry insights shared by fellow small business owners, experts, and professionals’.

Aussie Small Business

Coming at you from Melbourne, Australia, Aussie Small Business provides a forum style platform for small business owners to share ideas together. For over 10 years, this Aussie blog space offers expert knowledge to help improve aspects of business, marketing, sales, management, planning, and strategy.

Chris Brogan

Set in Boston, Massachusetts, the bestselling NYT author, advisor, and CEO of Owner Media Group shares his advice and takes on the world of business.

Gary Vaynerchuk

A giant in multiple media of all things business, Gary Vaynerchuk ‘took his family wine business and grew it from a $3 million company to a whopping $60 million company in five years’. Whether listening to his podcast, tapping into his social media presence, or reading his blog, Gary’s advice is raw, to the point, and coupled with his opinions. He offers business owners and leaders elite strategies to charge over obstacles and pursue a path to success.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard is Harvard. This prestigious platform shares insights and information on trending business news. The site shares expert opinions designed to help businesses and owners overcome challenges and keep their eyes pointed toward the future.


Offering strategies, tips, and tricks of the trade, Saleshacker brings B2B experts to the table to share their hard won insights. With their ‘expert advice….articles, podcasts, and webinars’, they aim to help businesses up-level their sales and marketing know-how.

Small Business Administration

With a slew of resources including practical sources and varying perspectives for all things small business, small business administration seeks to provide a range of topics to enhance your entrepreneurial needs.


With their website’s goal to ‘build a better business’, Bplans aims to help entrepreneurs attack common problems, and grow their business in ‘smart, efficient ways’. Their blog offers sample plans and regular advice that can propel your business on the path to success.

Which blogs you choose to bring into your world is up to you. Some improve your management and mission, some boost your contacts and community, some influence your products and perspective, and still others enrich your entrepreneurial everything. When you click, like, subscribe, and follow, you’re bound to be deluged with a delivery of downloads providing insight, engagement, and opportunity along the way. Keep your eyes and mind open for new ideas, new avenues, and new potential areas of development.

Use this influence to share your own story. Get your expertise out there - share a study, ebook, free-stuff, or other details to bring more traffic to the site, seize your readers’ attention, and potentially generate those ever-pressing leads.

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