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Present Tense Milestone: Our 100th Blog Post

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

‘We are members of communities and developers of ideas. We understand that life is about living and having stories to tell, and the broader the horizons of the storyteller, the broader the reach of the story. Great things happen when people read what you have to say. Sometimes just the fact that you wrote it makes a difference. Professional storytelling doesn’t only help you ‘sell’. It makes a lasting connection. It can build credibility and respect. It can foster more empathy.’

- Elana Duffy, Present Tense 1st blog post

This is our 100th blog post! We want to thank you for continuing this journey with us. In honor of hitting this milestone, we wanted to take a quick look at how the Present Tense story has evolved over the past few years.

How it Started

In early 2014, Present Tense, LLC was born. While a lot has changed in the world since then, thankfully, there are still some positive things that remain constant and grounding. Frank and Elana still continue to help people and companies share stories with the world. When Frank shared his personal story and vision for Present Tense, he discussed the 'requisite passion and skills for storytelling' and the mission of his company particularly designed and 'dedicated to helping you or your business tell your story'.

Nearly six years ago, we began this blog journey by sharing a bit of what we learned in life, telling our stories, and asking you to trust us to help you tell yours. We know that stories are far more than words strung together - they deliver a message, tell a bit of history, entice readers to want more, and invite an audience to view how you see the world. We took notes from our own stories to share how we believe the world is bettered through storytelling, and how a story can impact the world.

How it’s going

Our dedication to our mission has never waned; yet, like all good travelers as a route comes into focus, we aim to tweak our itinerary to best suit our goal. Helping elevate and enhance your stories, get more eyes on your words, and share your wisdom with a wider world - that’s where we started, and where we’re still going strong. Today, our blog shares more how-tos, business suggestions, communication strategies and ideas to help strengthen your entrepreneurial ventures. We're continuing our journey and are continually thankful you're a companion on the ever-winding trail.

Meanwhile, Elana and Frank still work together though Lana has taken much more of a backseat in the content as Frank explores helping clients create books and other large projects. There may even be a publishing arm in the works! The company has changed from web and small content writing to focus more on white papers and books - even a textbook or two has undergone the Present Tense treatment! There are a lot of stories to tell and a lot of ways to tell them. Clients include award-winners, field experts, and even a few repeat clients coming back for a memoir. It's been a great journey so far.

Where Our Story is Headed (We Think!)

Present Tense is continuing to develop, just like all good stories do. The next hundred blogs are already looking to follow some exciting twists and turns as the company evolves, with thoughts on some of the periphery of story writing - like steps to publish and what should you have ready when contacting an editor or ghostwriter - and of course more advisement on who to ask for help along the way.

In sharing her story, Elana reminded us that ‘any story worth telling is worth telling well’. We’re grateful to you for continuing to share your stories with us and for the privilege of helping you share them with the world. You made this milestone a possibility and we're hard at work aiming full steam ahead in the direction of the next one. Here’s to a tomorrow filled with more stories, continued vision, and a brighter future for us all.

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