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4 Connecting Reasons Your Blog Matters to Your Clients

‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and awhile, you could miss it’

- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

These days, technology moves at a mile a minute. Artificial intelligence, algorithms, and advancements in everything seems to happen in the blink of an eye and we all tend to get our latest news at the tap of a fingertip. We look for those quick bullet points of information, those images that tell a thousand tales, and storytelling capability that fits even the most unique business models. The ability to put a business out there in a fashion that grabs attention and keeps clients coming back matters. It’s not only marketing and communication companies that tell their stories to the world - you need to share yours, too. Your business blog matters to your company, to your clients, and to your community at-large.

Marketing stuff

Business blogging is the tactic of writing useful content in the form of articles and sharing it on your website, social media and in emails.” It’s the soft sell without the sell, the non-invasive way into people’s lives, and a consistent way to drive traffic without the monetary outlay of big ticket advertisers. Putting the new age paper to pen in short-form content not only increases your SEO but continues to drive traffic to your website. With an uptick in visibility, sales, and lead generation, with the click of a button you can continue to both shape and grow your brand. Content marketing as an alternative income revenue stream is here to stay and your business blog is one way to get yourself in the game, stay active and lead the way.

Adds heart & shares your story

How often do we all cry at cute puppy/owner reunions or smile wide at galloping goats wearing sweaters? Sometimes we need a break, an outlet, a heartwarming story, or a reason to commit to one company over another - oddly enough, often that reason has nothing to do with the performance of the company itself. Want to 'humanize your brand', provide opportunities for more in-depth analysis of products, and instill new life into that valued mission statement that gets minimal clicks - enter a business blog. This is where your opportunity to trot out and support those offline activities (like what you do on your company volunteer days and what your staff likes to do in their off time) shines. The business blog allows you to share your story, show your customers why they absolutely need you in their lives, and ensure that they continue to choose you over any other options.

Enhances wisdom

Consumers don’t want to hear a company beating their chest or read a billboard that touts your company as always number one or the best in the world. They want proof, they want character, they want wisdom and if a company doesn’t provide that - it’s possible they’ll go looking elsewhere to find it. Your business blog increases trust and authority without strutting your stuff. Your business blog is where you can both show and tell exactly how you add value to that customer experience, why you’re considered to be a 'thought-leader in your industry', and provide the truth about why you’re constantly appearing at the top of those Google searches. Here is where you get your shot to up-level that social media action, increase that domain authority, and prove your worth to those continued consumer fans while simultaneously wrapping your arms around an entire generation of new audience members.

Creates community

In the constantly growing and ever-changing social media and Internet landscape, we all look to create community. We look for what brings us together, what unites in mind and media, and how we can be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Your business blog is your community megaphone, your membership vice-president and your roll-a-decks all rolled into one. It keeps you current, it helps to construct that bridge between corporate brand and audience of humans, and it provides a home where customer engagement and discussion opportunities are plentiful.

The search for community is constant - with the reach of today’s technology it happens every minute around every corner of the globe. Your business blog can help make your website into a destination, a place where people come to connect, to share, to discover. If a marketing opportunity like this one exists, enhances the lives of people, and can also amplify your bottom line - why on Earth would you want to miss out? Get your business blog up and running today - your audience is waiting, and your clients will notice the difference.

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