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Projecting your voice.

There are many ways your story can be told. Let us find the right combination for you.

Bring your ideas to market

All of us have stories to tell, especially in the business world. Your stories might emerge from studies you've conducted, experiences others might learn from, or your expertise in a niche market, But you aren't sure how to get started sharing what you've learned. We can help you effectively share your ideas with your customers, fans, or friends through a book or ebook.


​From helping design the structure to drafting to edits and final publication, we have proven success in writing collaborative books. Learn more, and start sharing the story you have always wanted to tell.

Align your messages

Nothing says planning and cohesion quite like a great brand story. When all of your product names, descriptions, and internal and external positioning statements line up perfectly it not only has a positive impact on your customers. It also does wonders for your bottom line and helps you maximize return on investment.

We can help you find your brand's essence, from renaming your product line to getting your positioning statements just right to reflect you at your best. Let us helping you align, or realign, your offerings.

Telling your story with your team

The power of the story comes through the telling. The more people telling your story, the stronger your tale, and your brand, becomes. 

We can train your team to be more effective storytellers. With a variety of options, we can help your team give better presentations both internally and externally, written and oral. We incorporate the power of body movement and visual dynamics along with the strength of stories and structure to provide them with tools to help you share your story and expand your potential audience.

Web and Content
Welcome clients and dazzle prospects 

In today's 24/7 connected world, merely having a website is not enough. It needs to be engaging, draw in your new clients, and keep your existing customers coming back to learn more. With proper use of synopses, publications, and blogs, you can move a potential customer from a cold call to a warm connection request with less effort and reduced overhead.


​We can assist you with everything from your wording to social media to graphics. We can write, edit, and post your blogs with your name on it and your expertise behind it. And we can do it for lower costs than assigning a marketing employee to developing and maintaining your web presence.

Custom Products & Projects

Bringing a story to life on slides or other formats is a special challenge. Do you enjoy and embrace that challenge? Or is it a frustrating, time-consuming but necessary evil?

And then there are the other projects, from a script for your online web series to production branding to market releases and more. Opportunities to share your story in new ways are everywhere. You shouldn't be limited to what you have in-house when deciding which opportunities to take.

We also can provide conference materials, trade and periodical articles, and much more. If you have a task that needs written content, be it once in awhile or every week, we can help.

Need content but still not quite sure if we do it? Ask us!

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