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Our Stories

Frank Luby - Partner, CEO


Writing and teaching: those are the common threads in Frank’s career. Since getting a physics degree from UChicago at age 20, he has worked as news editor, blues music critic, author, ghostwriter, and free-lance editor. He also spent over 15 years as a pricing consultant, advising and training managers and executives onsite in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.


Today, if he is not busy at his desk writing, odds are you will find him volunteering, exploring a city, cruising old highways, or watching a baseball game.

Elana Duffy - Partner, COO


(E)Lana comes from an unusual background of engineering, writing, negotiation, and international government. With a Cornell masters degree and a decade of military service, she has a keen eye for efficiency and optimization. She is a writer, editor, and trainer who focuses on communication strategies and process analysis.

Lana is also a world traveler, a hiker, a diver, a musician, and a blogger. Currently living in NYC after her service, she has since founded a charity racing team and served on multiple non-profit boards. She also founded a social technology company,, a ratings and reviews platform changing the way Veteran and community services operate. While having many stories to tell, she is never too busy to listen to yours.

The Team

Our freelance consultant team drives Present Tense. Made up of graphic artists, screenwriters, academics, trainers, marketing experts and more, we find the best and most diverse team to provide new ideas and insights to your stories and your business. 

Every Present Tense team member has a wealth of valuable experience and talent beyond communications skills. We have military veterans with combat experience, management consultants who have worked closely with C-level executives, writers who have lived and worked abroad and immersed themselves in other cultures, or young entrepreneurs with advanced degrees from leading universities. This allows us to match our talents to your ideas to help bring a great story to the market.

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